One of the main driving forces for the business in to
provide eco-friendly alternatives to packaging and products.  This comes right from the heart of a family
who wants to reduce its environmental impact. 
My squids have been learning about the rainforests in school so palm oil
has become very important to them, and we talk a lot about plastic at

So our challenge in 2020 is to become plastic free in the
bathroom (and this will hopefully spread throughout the house too). Each month
we are going to make small, affordable changes that are manageable for a busy
family.  I’m hoping that our followers
can help in 2 ways.  Either join in, or
give suggestions if you’ve already made such changes. 

So January has
just passed. 

Obviously we are using bars of soap – and as it is made at
home they are unpackaged too.

I have a sparkly new tea pot for loose tea as who knew
plastic was used in tea bags (not the bathroom I know, but spreading).

Our February goals:

We also have stopped buying wipes of any kind (bathroom
cleaning, face cleaning etc) and this month moved over to reusable and
washable cloths.   The squids cleaned
their own bathrooms for the first time last night because of said lovely,
brightly coloured cloths).

Our order of plastic free, sustainable bamboo toilet rolls
arrived yesterday from #pottyaboutmyplanet! 48 toilet rolls!!! That’s got to
last awhile, even with 2 boys surely.  I
don’t need tissues at the moment, but next time I order, I’m going to try a
different company who do smaller orders and offer other products like tissues
and kitchen roll. 

are always on the look out for family friendly tips to reduce our plastic. So
if you have any ideas for our future monthly goals, leave a comment or get in

How do you look after yours?

One of the main questions I get asked (other than ingredient
queries) is about the value for money that bars of soap offer, as they are
quite obviously more expensive than buying a bottle of hand wash or shower gel
in your local supermarket.   My answer is simple. If you look after your
soap well, it will last much longer. 
Firstly, does anyone else find that half of your liquid soap literally
just falls of your hands straight down the plug hole?  I really enjoy the lather that a bar of soap
offers, it really coats the skin – lovely and soapy.  So taking into account less waste and some
simple tricks, you can get a lot for your money.

Keep your soap on a soap dish that has large slats.  Pretty much all tips involve allowing your
soap to dry.  If your soap is sitting on
a solid surface, it will stay wet and eventually become SOGGY!

Hang your soap up in a soap saving bag – these have two
benefits.  They allow your soap to dry in
the shower AND can be used as an exfoliating sponge.

When you have small pieces of soap left, don’t discard
them.  Save them up in a soap bag to use
as a sponge in the shower.

Each time you use your bar of soap, allow it to sit and dry
out on a different side. Turn your soap daily to make sure it dries out on all

If you notice after a few weeks that your soap is softer in
the centre, put it to the side in the bathroom / kitchen and start a fresh
bar.  In a couple of weeks the old bar
would have had more time to cure, giving you more time to enjoy it without
going soft.

you have any of your own tips to share? 
Get in touch.