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This is your chance to do something awesome!

If you can afford to, please add a donated soap bar to your order.  This will go directly to The Wallich, a charity that helps people feel better about their future. They believe that everyone deserves a home, AND we believe that everyone deserves good hygiene and health.

Stacey from the Wallich says, ‘Personal hygiene is a vital part of living a healthy, fulfilling life, and being able to support those experiencing homelessness with such a basic necessity is a crucial component’.

The Wallich | Welsh Homelessness and rough sleeping Charity



Here at WRL, we believe that soap is an essential, not a luxury.  For those among us who are struggling with life at the moment, to pay the bills, perhaps have no permanent home, or very little family support, this is unlikely to be a priority.   For this reason, we have teamed up with The Wallich, an amazing charity, to help soap reach the people who need it the most.

The aim of The Wallich is ‘Creating a Wales where people stand together to provide hope, support and solutions to end homelessness.’

This is something that we feel we can really get behind. Soap is essential for good hygiene and the prevention of the spread of germs and illnesses (approximately 80% of infectious diseases are passed on through touch), so good handwashing in particular, is vital for good health.

*Note: Every month, the soap orders will be totalled and delivered, alongside any soap bars that WRL already donate, such as misshapes or underweight bars. We will still be donating any spare stock alongside your purchases too.


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